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Are you fatigued?? Tired ?? Attracting bad luck?? Let Ms.Pamela  Energy Healing session bring you back to life ! Sessions are $125.00 a session call  1-888-481-5122 to make an appointment or schedule your session here

Ms. Pamela has been reading tarot for her satisfied clients for over 20 years and offers 3 different types of Tarot readings. Find solutions to your  Marital problems, Help with Career Moves, and many more solutions through her readings ;

​ ​Ms. Pamela Psychic Tarot​  Card Reading -$80
Indepth reading​ for clients using special Psychic cards  - $80 Schedule a session here or Call   1-888-481-5122 for an appointment !

Ms. Pamela Astrology Tarot Reading-$90 


Ms. Pamela Basic Tarot Reading  _$70

All of Ms. Pamelas Basic tarot readings
have been described to be accurate and on point for many people​ readings are -$70 call
1-888-481-5122  to make appointment or schedule your session here.

Aura Readings, Psychic Readings,Crystal Energy
Readings, Chakra Readingscan be done,byTANGO Free Video  Chat, Download TANGO, Video FREE to  your Iphone or PC. Readings must be  paid in advance before proceeding.​
For all Tango Videochats you must down load software FREE using link to phone or PC once software is  downloaded
     call 1-888-544-5590 from Tango with payment information then reading you request will begin.
Find out what Tarot has to say about
      your presen​t, future your past ?
           Get a reading now!​
   Call 1-888-481-5122​
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Ms. Pamela's Readings;
Let Ms.Pamela  feel your energy through her Crystal Energy Reading that will cleanse and refresh your mind, body and soul from imbalances or negativity that is in your direction.
 Readings are $65 + call                   ​1-888-481-5122​​ or  ​schedule your session here.​
Ms.Pamela is very experienced and specializes in Chakra/Aura Readings which is very beneficial to those fatigued and with various problems each session is $75 call 1-888-481-5122 to make an appointment or schedule your session here.
With your name and d/o/b            Ms. Pamela will perform an Astrology chart reading Chart for  $70 call    1-888-481-5122 to make appointment or schedule your session here

    ​​    w ww.astrologycenterinforesthills.com    For appointments Call 1-888-481-5122                                e-mail ; astrologycenterinforesthills@gmail.com
In-Office Readings
Ms.Pamela's Readings;
​  Specialized readings​
This is a specialized Tarot reading based
 upon your personal astrological sign -
​$90 Schedule a session here call 1-888-481-5122 for an appointment​.
  Tarot Readings
Walkins Welcomed. Ms. Pamela is located at the 
Astrology Center in Forest Hill is located at 107-37 71st continental ave Forest hills NY11375