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to the website of Psychic Ms. Pamela at the Astrology Center in Forest Hills  Ny.                                                             For over 20 years Ms.Pamela has been helping people  find their way through
 troubled marriages,Career indecisions,
Business, reuniting people with their loved ones,providing Tarot readings, to get information from the past,     for the present and the future and much more..,  
    ​Ms. Pamela 
has been a trusted and constant  support to many of her clients who  seek her assistance
    Many of her clients have been coming for her guidance 
 for many years. Here on  her website you can have direct access to her                 insightive readings by making appointment in-office or having your reading done via internet (Paypal).
    ​If you have troubles, or problems you can't face  
Call her at 1-888-481-5122  for any problem you are going through  (have your visa         mastercard ready) or e-mail  her at ; Astrologycenterinforesthills@gmail.com   Her office is located at  107-37 71st                         and Continental  ave in the heart of Forest hills.  Don't let fear and fright pull at your heart 
​    She accepts walk-ins as well .      Don't let your problems get the best of you call her  NOW!
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Capricorn -rules Knees
Birth date Dec.22-Jan.19​th
Aquarius- rules legs
Birth date​ . Jan 20 -Feb 19th
Pisces -rules feet
Birth date Feb. 20- ​Mar.20th
Aries - rules the head
Birth date. Mar.21st -Apr.20th​
Taurus - rules the neck
Birth date. April  21​st - May 20th
Gemini-rules the arms
Birth date. May 21- June 20th​
Cancer- rules the breast
Birth date. June 21st - July 22nd​
Virgo-rules the belly
Birth date. Aug 23- Sept.22nd​
Scorpio-rules sexual organs
Birth date. Oct. 23 -Dec.21​
Sagittarius- rules thighs
Birth date. Nov. 23rd-Dec.21st​
Libra- rules the buttock,veins,ovaries
Birth date Sept. 23 -Oct 22​​
Leo-rules the heart.
Birth date. July 23rd - Aug 23rd​